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Form 1099 Form W-2


One update is available for Quick & Easy 1099/W2 for Windows UNLIMITED

There are three versions of this program.  

  • Our most popular version, the "Black and White Version" produces Form W2 Copy A and Form W3 in black print on plain paper with NO red forms. 
  • Our newest versions provides the capabilities of the "Black and White Version" with the extra-cost addition of  electronic/magnetic filing capabilities.  There are two versions of this program, one that produces only Federal electronic filing, and one which provides both Federal electronic reporting as well as electronic reporting for selected states.

Which version are YOU using?

The "Black and White" version of Quick and Easy 1099/W2, and you do NOT use preprinted red W-2 and W-3 forms from a forms vendor,

Unl Electronic

The "Electronic Federal filing" version of Quick and Easy 1099/W2, 

Unl Electronic

The "Electronic Federal and State filing" version of Quick and Easy 1099/W2, 

Unlimited Electronic Federal and State




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