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Download the latest update for the Windows version of Quick & Easy 941/944 for Tax Year 2013.

    (The effective date of this update is April 15, 2014)

This update, for ALL users, includes support for the 2014 version of Form 941 for first quarter 2014 reporting.  The update is mandatory for anyone who needs to prepare Form 941 for clients.   

TIPS and REMINDERS about this update:


1.  When asked where you wish to download the file, specify the Windows Desktop

2.  Once the download is completed, close all  windows applications that are currently running.  The easiest way to be sure you've done this is simply to reboot your PC.  

3.  When the PC has rebooted, locate the file you downloaded on your Desktop.

4.  Double click on "QE941944_2013_REL_1304_UPDATE.exe" -- a self-extracting file will open and ask you where you want the update installed.  For most users, this will be the default location  (c:\Program Files\inforeturns\qe944-13).  (If this folder isn't where the program was originally installed, use the "Browse" capability to locate the directory).

5.  Now, you're ready to install the update.  Just click on "UNZIP" -- this will replace the old program module with the update.

6.  When installation is completed -- this takes only a second or two -- click on "OK" followed by "CLOSE".  

After installing the update, we recommend that you copy the file you downloaded from the Desktop to a CD-ROM or 3 1/2 inch diskette, which you can label and keep with your original program CD.  You can then delete the download from your desktop.

QE944 A to start the download.


Note:  this download will take at least  the following time over these connection speeds.  Your actual transmission speed could be considerably lower than your modem's rated speed.

14.4 kbps -- 11 minutes

28.8 kbps -- 6 minutes

56.6 kbps -- 3 minutes

ISDN/DSL/Cable modem -- <1 minutes



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