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Download the latest update for the Windows version of Quick & Easy 941/944 for Tax Year 2006.

    (The effective date of this update is March 29, 2007)

This update, for ALL users, includes the 2007 version of Form 941, required for first quarter 2007 filing.

Downloads are available at our website located at

Updates are contained in downloadable, self-extracting zip files.  Before downloading an update, we recommend that you freshly format a 3.5 inch, high density (1.44 Mb) diskette for use in Drive A:   

Then, complete the form at the bottom of this page, and click "Submit" to go to the next page.  The download begins on that page.

When the download is complete, exit your internet browser and install the update.  

(HINT:  an easy way to do this is to click on "My Computer", click on 3 1/2 Floppy (Drive A:), click on the self-extracting update file, and follow the on-screen instructions.)

The default directory (folder), into which the update is unzipped will be:

c:\Program Files\inforeturns\qe944-06

(If you originally installed the software in a different folder (a network file server, for instance), you will need to specify the folder's location by typing in the correct location or by clicking Browse and browsing for the folder's location.)

To unzip the file, click on the Unzip button.  The name of the file you will be unzipping is QE94406_Rel_602.exe.  After the file has been successfully unzipped, click on the Close button.  Close the box for 3 1/2 inch floppy, and close My Computer.


That's all there is to it!!  

To start the download, first please provide the following information so we can contact you if necessary.  When you've completed the form, please click on "submit" below:


My name:


E-mail address: 


Mailing address: 

City, State, ZIP: 

Please provide the following information from your invoice:

Your account number with Information Returns, Inc

Your invoice number

Date your order was shipped (yyyy/mm/dd format)

If you no longer have the invoice that came with your CD-ROM, please call Technical Support at (860)364-0615.


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